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Dress Code

The purpose of our dress code is to improve safety and prevents students from openly identifying with specific groups or cliques. It reduces problems associated with harassment and distractions in the class and promotes a sense of school pride and spirit. 


Polo Shirt: may only wear polos with collars and buttons. Polos can be any solid color or striped. Other shirts may ONLY be worn underneath polo shirt. The outermost layer of clothing must be dress code appropriate. 


Pants: Only solid color jeans or pants/slacks are O.K. No holes, shreds or rips. Leggings/Sweat Pant Joggers/spandex/jeggings are not permitted as standalone pants. Pants/shorts must not sag below the crotch. Waistline must fit above natural hip line. Underwear must not show.


Shorts & Skirts: only solid color and may not be excessively short or tight and must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. No athletic shorts may be worn outside of gym class. Solid colored leggings may be worn underneath skirts but not as standalone pants.


Shoes: for health and safety, shoes must be worn at all times. No flip flops or slippers may be worn.


Hoodies & Outerwear: may not promote negative behavior or display drugs or alcohol, profanity, vulgar, controversial, sexually suggestive or abusive content, weapons, violence, disrespect, gang related words or pictures. Hats and sunglasses permitted outside only.     


Student ID:  Each student will be provided with an ID after school starts. To ensure safety, it is the expectation that all students wear their ID on a lanyard or clip at all times so that it is visible while on campus.                                                         


Approved JROTC uniforms are permitted                                                                                                          

Approved school spirit wear for all APS schools and special event day dress is permitted


In complying with the dress code expectations, the following are examples of (but not limited to) clothing and items that are not permitted at school:

  • Pajamas

  • Any item with holes, shreds or tears

  • Inappropriate shirts (halter tops, off the shoulder, low cut, see through, shows midriff)

  • Writing, drawing, or marking on any skin surface

  • Spike jewelry, belts, accessories or chains. Belts may not hang down

  • Excessive body piercing is not permitted. 

During the fall and winter seasons, clothes must match weather conditions.



**Administrators have the discretion to determine what is “appropriate or inappropriate” attire. Also, they reserve the right to have students change into appropriate attire. If a student is out of dress code, they will be sent to the office for a change of clothing. Progressive discipline will be followed for repeat dress code violations.